Lucy on Charlie

Just what happened to be you dreaming about?

An enjoyable evening in a brand new destination with an interesting person.

First thoughts?

Very easy to be friends with.

Exactly what did you discuss?

Songs, art, food and the unusual youth worries.

Any embarrassing times?

She was actually belated and it appeared just as if I’d been endured upwards. The beautiful bistro staff had been visibly alleviated when she arrived.

Good dining table manners?

I possibly couldn’t fault them: she navigated chopsticks and a dessert-on-a-stick easily.

Most sensible thing about Charlie?

She’s a great conversationalist.

Are you willing to present her to your buddies?


Describe Charlie in three words.

Warm, friendly, authentic.

Exactly what do you would imagine she made of you?

Ideally that I found myself decent organization.

Do you continue somewhere?

No, but we spent many hours gladly chatting when you look at the bistro.

And… do you kiss?


Should you could transform a factor concerning evening, what would it be?

I’d have bought more of the delicious aubergine meal.

Marks out of 10?


Do you satisfy once more?

It is not on the notes; it was a really good evening, but there was no spark.

Charlie on Lucy

Just what had been you dreaming about?

I found myself thus anxious, I was merely wishing I’d end up getting some one i obtained along with.

Initial impressions?

She had really friendly eyes.

Just what did you mention?

Phobias, children, as well as how giraffes experience long necks.

Any embarrassing minutes?

Towards end, once we’d lack items to say.

Great table ways?

Oh gosh, yeah. She I would ike to experience the finally little bit of aubergine.

Best thing about Lucy?

She don’t judge me after all for mentioning the topic of giraffes and their necks.

Would you introduce her towards pals?

Totally. They’d love a debate about Brexit along with her.

Describe Lucy in three terms.

Approachable, kind and interesting.

Exactly what do you believe she made of you?

I detest the actual fact I made a terrible basic effect when you’re late.

Did you go on somewhere?

If we’d eliminated on somewhere else we might have overlooked the tubing.

And… do you hug?

We would not.

Markings off 10?

A great 8.

Are you willing to fulfill again?

We both consented there was clearlyn’t that spark.

Lucy and Charlie consumed at Yumi Izakaya in Shaftesbury Avenue, London W1D 6EX. Fancy a blind date? E-mail For a no cost three-day test of Soulmates, choose

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